"The clean and modern look allows you to  use the theme for every kind of eCommerce online shop. Great Looks on Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles."

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Cookie Law Compliance
SKU: 157
Debugging allows you turn on smarty fields and what items are in what templates at a flip of the switch. best of all its FREE. A Gift from Geomodules.com
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Lock your site down from users under a certain age.
SKU: 162
bubble slides into screen to display your message
SKU: 170
Generate Passwords On The Fly To Protect Yourself.
SKU: 56546456456
Protect your clients and do phone verify today. Ebay, Criags 100's of professional sites run phone verification.
SKU: 67578
Pop Up pro allows you to really grab the users attention. When they come to your site the background fades and you can display a video to them
SKU: awedadasd
Are you loosing income from users blocking google ads or your advertisements. This addon will display a nice message information them to turn it off and then redirect them to the register page.
SKU: 171
You can have quick select price plan choices in 5 minutes.
SKU: 176
This addon will show your php information and server info on the fly.
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$74.95 $49.95
Allow the users on your site to report items SOLD.
SKU: 174
Would like to have a arrow at the bottom right for when the user scrolls down to far they can just push one button and scroll up. Well here it is and its free.
SKU: 172
Do you need content for your site? Then the SEO slider is the ticket
SKU: 179
Allow your used to delete there own accounts.
SKU: 657567575
Water mark your images works in live time.